Climat, un débat dévoyé ? (Hors collection) (French Edition)

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Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Mass Market Paperback. Next page. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Books By Pascal Acot. Dictionnaire du corps Anthropologie French Edition Mar Only 1 left in stock. Hors Collection French Edition Oct There seemed very little taste, however, in the arrangements; and my eyes, accustomed to quiet lights, were sadly offended by the prodigious glare of a multitude of wax candles, which, in silver candelabra, were deposited upon the table, and all about the room, wherever it was possible to find a place.

There were several active servants in attendance; and, upon a large table, at the farther end of the apartment, were seated seven or eight people with fiddles, fifes, trombones, and a drum. These fellows annoyed me very much, at intervals, during the repast, by an infinite variety of noises, which were intended for music, and which appeared to afford much entertainment to all present, with the exception of myself.

Upon the whole, I could not help thinking that there was much of the bizarre about every thing I saw--but then the world is made up of all kinds of persons, with all modes of thought, and all sorts of conventional customs. I had travelled, too, so much, as to be quite an adept at the nil admirari; so I took my seat very coolly at the right hand of my host, and, having an excellent appetite, did justice to the good cheer set before me.

The conversation, in the meantime, was spirited and general. The ladies, as usual, talked a great deal. He seemed quite willing to speak of his position as superintendent of a Maison de Sante; and, indeed, the topic of lunacy was, much to my surprise, a favorite one with all present. A great many amusing stories were told, having reference to the whims of the patients. There is scarcely an insane asylum in France which cannot supply a human teapot. Our gentleman was a Britannia--ware tea-pot, and was careful to polish himself every morning with buckskin and whiting.

He was a troublesome patient; and we had much ado to keep him within bounds. For a long time he would eat nothing but thistles; but of this idea we soon cured him by insisting upon his eating nothing else.

Bloc-notes : comment réformer la démocratie française - Liberté d'expression

De Kock! I will thank you to behave yourself! You have spoiled my brocade! Is it necessary, pray, to illustrate a remark in so practical a style? Our friend here can surely comprehend you without all this. Upon my word, you are nearly as great a donkey as the poor unfortunate imagined himself. Your acting is very natural, as I live.

Bloc-notes : comment réformer la démocratie française

I had no intention of offending. Menhoult--you will find it particularly fine. I will change my plate, however, and try some of the rabbit.

Climat : trop tard pour agir ?

I will just help myself to some of the ham. I will have none of their rabbit au-chat--and, for the matter of that, none of their cat-au-rabbit either. I mean the man who took himself for a bottle of champagne, and always went off with a pop and a fizz, in this fashion. This behavior, I saw plainly, was not very pleasing to Monsieur Maillard; but that gentleman said nothing, and the conversation was resumed by a very lean little man in a big wig.

Sir, if that man was not a frog, I can only observe that it is a pity he was not. His croak thus--o-o-o-o-gh--o-o-o-ogh!

Pascal Acot

He persecuted the cook to make him up into pies--a thing which the cook indignantly refused to do. For my part, I am by no means sure that a pumpkin pie a la Desoulieres would not have been very capital eating indeed! You must not be astonished, mon ami; our friend here is a wit--a drole--you must not understand him to the letter. He grew deranged through love, and fancied himself possessed of two heads. It is not impossible that he was wrong; but he would have convinced you of his being in the right; for he was a man of great eloquence. He had an absolute passion for oratory, and could not refrain from display. I call him the tee-totum because, in fact, he was seized with the droll but not altogether irrational crotchet, that he had been converted into a tee-totum. You would have roared with laughter to see him spin. He would turn round upon one heel by the hour, in this manner--soHere the friend whom he had just interrupted by a whisper, performed an exactly similar office for himself.

The thing is absurd. Madame Joyeuse was a more sensible person, as you know.

Un paysage authentique

She had a crotchet, but it was instinct with common sense, and gave pleasure to all who had the honor of her acquaintance. She found, upon mature deliberation, that, by some accident, she had been turned into a chicken-cock; but, as such, she behaved with propriety. She flapped her wings with prodigious effect--so--so--and, as for her crow, it was delicious! She hung down her head, and said not a syllable in reply. But another and younger lady resumed the theme.

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It was my beautiful girl of the little parlor. She was a very beautiful and painfully modest young lady, who thought the ordinary mode of habiliment indecent, and wished to dress herself, always, by getting outside instead of inside of her clothes.

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It is a thing very easily done, after all. My nerves were very much affected, indeed, by these yells; but the rest of the company I really pitied. I never saw any set of reasonable people so thoroughly frightened in my life. They all grew as pale as so many corpses, and, shrinking within their seats, sat quivering and gibbering with terror, and listening for a repetition of the sound.

It came again--louder and seemingly nearer--and then a third time very loud, and then a fourth time with a vigor evidently diminished. At this apparent dying away of the noise, the spirits of the company were immediately regained, and all was life and anecdote as before. I now ventured to inquire the cause of the disturbance. French abashed: confus. The lunatics, every now and then, get up a howl in concert; one starting another, as is sometimes the case with a bevy of dogs at night.

It occasionally happens, however, that the concerto yells are succeeded by a simultaneous effort at breaking loose, when, of course, some little danger is to be apprehended. I have always understood that the majority of lunatics were of the gentler sex.

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  4. Some time ago, there were about twentyseven patients here; and, of that number, no less than eighteen were women; but, lately, matters have changed very much, as you see. Whereupon the whole company maintained a dead silence for nearly a minute. As for one lady, she obeyed Monsieur Maillard to the letter, and thrusting out her tongue, which was an excessively long one, held it very resignedly, with both hands, until the end of the entertainment. This lady, my particular old friend Madame Joyeuse, is as absolutely sane as myself.

    She has her little eccentricities, to be sure--but then, you know, all old women--all very old women--are more or less eccentric! They behave a little odd, eh? By the bye, Monsieur, did I understand you to say that the system you have adopted, in place of the celebrated soothing system, was one of very rigorous severity?