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Was hat das denn mit dir und mir zu tun?

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Was liegst du nun im Sand, du weisses Fleisch, Was rinnst du nicht und sickerst in das Meer? Halt deine Falten still! Man Beach by the sea Now, however, this has all been put in place. Closed like a stone and inescapable. I am pushed down, and I myself beat myself raw, When I just think of you. For you are a wild thing, Watered by animals, and as in the skin of an animal, And yet relaxed in all your limbs, Full of the play of dreams and more liberated Than I as man can be. There is only one thing that would requite this all, That would bring peace.

That I now should ask you: Do you love me? Yes, I want to expire on you. Take hold of my hair. You should have the brown hand of a gardener, which in autumn feels the warm fruit. When I was grasping your limbs in play, Or as we were rowing, you were even more distant And far more enraptured. Yes, you were not that person At all, whose flesh I grasped. It is different now. Then, I will dance before you. Every limb Shall be a hall of tepid red, Which is awaiting you. So I lift my legs out of the sand And my breast likewise. My dress, away from my hips.

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So sang my dream — Woman dancing: There is a rattling From the sea and around my hips. In the clouds The curls in my hair turn to dust — Man: Now the storm bends the bushes apart and all the nests that are there for sleep and breeding — Woman: Oh, sun, You mother of roses — come, you. Let us go Down again onto this warm sand made fertile by the sea. What is this hairy breast, hairy thigh On skin covered with sweat and fat, a blood flowing womb? What has this to do with you and me? Why do you now lie in the sand, you white flesh, Why do you not run and trickle into the sea?

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Why do there not come birds above you As they do above other flesh? Keep your folding still! I now greet you, chewed away stones, And you, my blood, thrown down by the corpses of all the seas, you riveted land without fruit, that staggering, Stands on the edge of the earth. Ihr Freund arbeitet in der Hosentasche. Vielleicht handelt es sich um einen ausgetretenen Bruch.

Er ist der Pionier der guten Sache. Er weidet ihre Lippen ab. Lower down her arm, her thumbs, Balls of fat, are busy moving back and forth. She has brown skin, is motherly-looking and wants to kiss him.

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I like it, because this woman is completely unknown to me. Her boyfriend is fiddling in his trouser pockets.

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Perhaps they have just started to break up. The manager make sure that very one pays their way. He is a pioneer of the good cause. His oversized toes make an attempt along with his ankles to escape from his boots.

People are guzzling at the next table. I have never actually found one who has understood What makes makes wind mills turn. I record that as a statistic. He nibbles at her lips. Their bodies are playing together Unheard melodies. D-Zug Braun wie Kognak. Vorletzter Tag des neunten Monats schon!


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Und dann wieder dies Bei-sich-selbst-sein! Eine Frau ist etwas mit Geruch. The Express train Berlin — Trelleborg and the Baltic sea resorts. Flesh that went naked, and tanned to the lips by the sea. And yearning for the scythe: And already almost the last day of the ninth month! Stubble and the last shocks of hay thirst in us. Unfoldings, the blood, the weariness.

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The presence of dahlias clouds the mind. Sun-browned manhood hurries onto sun-browned womanhood. A woman is something for a night. And if it was good, perhaps for a second! But then, oh, again this being by oneself!

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A woman is something with a smell. She contains the South, the shepherd and the sea. On each slope a pleasure lies.

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  7. Lightly-tanned woman swoons onto darkly-tanned male. In my head, I am so weary. Oh, this feverish sweet final smell from the gardens. Kasino Menge war schon auf Kriegsschule ein Idiot. Na Prost, Onkel Doktor! Aber wenn ich mich mal auf Abbruch verheirate: Arm kann er sein und dumm kann er sein; Aber jung und frisch gebadet. Auf dieser Basis fanden wir uns. Although there are different opinions on this. You, the Junker, you can gee up with me when I ride. The still before the storm: Arnim, my dear fellow.