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My mom was also very supportive during that time and she has always wanted me to do my best and would always motivate me. In a world where it is expected to see a Black man or woman fail, we have to make it our obligation to not let our setbacks become our ultimate destination. There is so much riding on our shoulders when it comes to paving the way, especially in entertainment. I would suggest stepping out of the comfort zone and just going for different roles, even if it is not meant for a Black person. It is all just a waiting game, you learn that what is meant for you is for you.

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Now that he is back in New York and is working as hard as ever, there are no signs of Newson slowing down anytime soon. Although he spends a lot of his time working as an Academic Advisor for Marymount Manhattan College, he still prioritizes his ambitions. Newson is truly an inspiration to many of those who may have been discouraged by any setbacks experienced in their quest to make their way into the spotlight.

It allows me to truly stand out. With such passion, hard work, persistence and dedication, there is no doubt that this young man will soon make it where he desires to be. His story is like many of ours who have moments where we fall back at one point or another, but the key to it all is to learn how to get back up and keep going. If you want to learn more about Cordara Newson, search for him on the following social media outlets: Facebook Instagram Twitter. What if you could double your income within a year? According to reliable sources, Black Women are more likely to have abortions, more so than any other American women.

We embody this. With its emphasis on developing Christian character, it is a powerful group for those who want to be sure to prevent life-controlling problems from developing in their lives, as well as for those who need to overcome a current problem. Note: This curriculum was written especially for small groups, and we encourage people to use it that way. However, it can also be used effectively as a personal study for individuals or couples.

We hope these devotions are a blessing to you and to others in your life. We are happy to provide them for you at no cost, but thought you might want to consider a donation to help our ministry with the expense involved. You can safely donate through our website. Thank you!

Visit us on Facebook! Living Free is a registered trademark. When reproduced to share with others, please acknowledge the source as Living Free, Chattanooga, TN, www. Must have written permission to use in any format to be sold. Permission may be requested by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To help individuals, families and communities dealing with life-challenging life-controlling problems find wholeness in Christ. Learn how to help people who are struggling with life-controlling problems from those who have experience and a passion to teach others.

It is impractical to think the ministerial staff alone can deal with the hurts and staggering needs that most congregations face.

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In truth, this work should be the responsibility of the entire local body of Christ. The Insight Group is a meaningful nine-week experience to help your entire church family and community. Living Free is so incredible, as it opens each participant's eyes to the practical application of the Scripture. I can honestly say this is a ministry that raises a standard of truth and transparency. Sometimes I am simply blown away by what God is doing through Living Free.

I eat, drink and sleep Living Free. Because it works.

"Patience and Perseverance", Venerable Pramote, Dhamma Talk

I'm currently going to your Living Free class and it has helped me a lot with the daily struggles that life has thrown my way and I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you all do for people in tough situations like me. The only event more anticipated was reaching the legal drinking age. No sirree, we were setting out on our first car date, which quite possibly could include finding a secluded, non-police patrolled spot for a make-out session.

Those were the days alright. Kids took chances. Yes, kids drank underage and drove. And we would see all of our Luzerne County friends there. The designated driver was yet to be invented. We moved the orange barrels blocking the entrance to I and drove from Kirkwood to Wilkes-Barre. Until one day my dad came home with one of the coolest cars in town — a dark green Plymouth Road Runner.

Casale: Mummies offer look into ancient health problems October 21, My granddaughter Rowan loves Halloween.


With Halloween only days away, mummies — and a slew of other ghouls, goblins and monsters associated with the annual celebration of the dead — are also on the minds, and perhaps in the front yards, of other folks who revel in the ghostly holiday. But recent research has shown mummies to be more than a window into the burial practices of civilizations-gone-by. These preserved ancestors of humanity can offer insight into the health issues that plagued ancient cultures. A recent article in U.

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By studying mummified arterial tissue, researches found evidence of atherosclerosis, cholesterol plaque buildup, in people who lived between B. Five mummies were studied, three men and two women estimated to be between the ages of 18 and 60 at time of death.


Rather than royalty, who might have indulged in fatty diets, the mummies examined were commoners. Four of the mummies came from South America, where common people were regularly mummified, and one hailed from Egypt. Because of their social status — and in the case of the Latin-American mummies, proximity to seafood — all five likely ate lean diets while alive, but cholesterol-rich plaques were discovered in their arteries despite that probability.

While studying mummies is common practice, the method by which these specimens were analyzed is uncharted territory. The typical method entails using computed tomography CT scans to produce detailed images of blood vessels and organs. The problem is, CT scans can only detect calcium build-ups, not actual cholesterol.


Since cholesterol plaques tend to calcify, the presence of the former was approximated by the detection of the latter, but certainty was difficult. This study, however, utilized near-infrared spectroscopy, which allowed cholesterol in aged arteries to be detected with assurance. The conclusion gathered from this mode of detection was that the onset of atherosclerosis was likely a combination of risk factors and genetics, even then.

In other words, the disease could be associated with ancient life and not just modern living and the lifestyle tendencies that go with it. Hunter-gatherers, which this study supposed these people were, would have led an active lifestyle and eaten heart-healthy foods, but risk factors would have been present for these folks, as they are today.

Smoke inhalation, caused by fire-cooking indoors as well as recreational smoking in some cultures, would have been one major risk factor. And bacterial and parasitic infections could have led to plaque buildups too. In fact, indication of clogged arteries in mummies from geographically distinct parts of the planet suggests the affliction is more of a human issue than a modern issue.

And atherosclerosis is not the only malady we can detect by looking at ancient remains through the lens of contemporary technology. Of the five mummies scrutinized in the study, causes of death were determined for four. Pneumonia, interestingly enough, killed three, and kidney failure, if researchers are correct, killed the fourth. Geisinger recently used another modern tech-method to study a mummy, and some inferences were reachable then as well. Geisinger Community Medical Center in Scranton used state-of-the-art X-ray equipment to examine a Peruvian mummy submitted to the hospital by its neighbor, the Everhart Museum.

The mummy was also missing its toes, which could be a result of over-handling of the body but can also be a marker of infection or frostbite. Cinematic mummies invoke the actual past to entertain us in the present, and maybe offer us a fun fright during Halloween season. But actual mummies give us a true glimpse of the past, not only the way people might have lived, but sometimes how they might have died.

Beyond the Byline: A mother waits for her daughter to be found October 20, Pauline is the mother of Phylicia Thomas, who went missing on Feb. Her body has never been found.