Mapping Clinical Value Streams (Lean Tools for Healthcare Series)

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Overproduction: Is related to the fact that they produce more than the quantity demanded by the market. We can mention the health of testing beyond what is a necessary, unnecessary test for lack of preparation of the team.

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Transportation: Regarding transport for distances greater than necessary, as an example of excessive transport patients, equipment and drugs operations. Processing: Corresponds to processing activities that do not add value to the product. We can cite excessive treatment time by difficulty in establishing standard procedures, excessive corrections and inspections. Rework: Corresponds to construct items out of specification. We can cite medication errors, infection of patients in hospital.

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Motion: Related to the movement useless in the execution of activities, that is, the inefficiency of the operation itself. Waiting: Related to issues of synchronization of production or provision of high batch processing due to the high preparation time tasks, or failures in the information system of the organization.

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We can mention the patients waiting for diagnostics, treatments and surgeries. Inventory: related to the existence of high stocks or lack of product. We can mention inputs and outputs in excessive or unnecessary. In lean focuses primarily on minimizing waste, defined as everything that is not necessary in the production cycle of a product or service.

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Thus the understanding and identification of wastes within the hospital chain, will provide the alignment of value-generating activities, seeking to provide customers exactly what they need. To achieve the goal proposed by the lean, it is necessary to apply some tools that will assist in achieving the results. In organizations management methodologies with more modern they are always real for it to turn knowledge into value need.

Therefore companies should take care that the knowledge generated in the organization is not dispersed. An example is the mapping of the input from the patient, all activities, procedures, diagnoses made until discharge from the hospital.

Example is planning maintenance of equipment. GAPP et al.

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The poka-yoke in services is applied both for employees and for customers to avoid both commit human faults that generate losses in the process or rework NADAE, The authors emphasized that these tools have contributed to the solution of problems and provided the organizations providing health services in a different view, helping to hospital decision making. The search procedure used in this paper was based on the method of classification defined by Lage and Godinho Filho , adapting the empirical-analytical analysis, doing a scan in the literature with to the keywords supply chain management, healthcare and lean on periodic bases as Emerald Insight, SciELO.

In the second phase analyzed, the 83 articles, which could be characterized as near this study, considering the keywords supply chain management, healthcare, lean, within these set of 20 items, which were all analyzed completely found. Rationalization layers of the supply chain and using bulk buying to reduce prices can save money.

The lack of consistent patterns of global identification throughout the supply of healthcare, and poor quality of data maintained by the project participants, were the problems encountered in this project. The use of simple tools such as lean, helped combat the lack of product in organization studies. Despite the fact that the logistics departments or departments with similar structures, the proposed model worked with partnerships and implementation of lean tools such as Just in Time, the relationship of the above methods of adaptation remains at low levels according to the lean.

It may be observed a different view with regard to seeking a closer relationship with the industries organs service providers in health, in order to reduce costs, particularly in the supply chain. This instrument can be used to examine the supply chain and thus increase the availability of value.

Furthermore, noting the potential customers, competitors and suppliers, we can increase the performance of the supply chain. One explanation for this is the lack of a strategy for knowledge management, particularly as it relates to their integration activities. Product Description. Product Details.

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