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Get Word of the Day daily email! As prime minister, Muscat can only put forward the face of a statesman, eager to advance the perception that Malta cannot cope with a migrant influx to win important concessions of solidarity and responsibility-sharing from other EU countries.

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To be fair, Muscat has used his charisma and influence in situations where racist violence and hate had to be tackled head-on. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the Labour government would be pleased to have its silence on the alleged Libyan migrant deal play on, for it gives its own supporters the impression that it is carrying out a game of subterfuge to stop migrants from leaving Libya. Of course, such games are puerile attempts at manipulating public opinion when a responsible government is duty-bound to fully communicate its international obligations on human rights.

Comment Editorial. More in Editorial. But he also came to believe the trade involved much more.

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Besides the U. Sondland conceded that Trump never told him directly the security assistance was blocked for the probes, a gap in his account that Republicans and the White House seized on as evidence the president did nothing wrong. But the ambassador said his dealings with Giuliani, as well as administration officials, left him with the clear understanding of what was at stake.

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In often-stunning testimony, he painted a picture of a Ukraine pressure campaign that was prompted by Trump himself, orchestrated by Giuliani and well-known to other senior officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Sondland said he raised his concerns about a quid pro quo for military aid with Vice-President Mike Pence — a conversation a Pence adviser vigorously denied. It was no secret.

The ambassador said that he and Trump spoke directly about desired investigations, including a colorful cellphone call this summer overheard by others at a restaurant in Kyiv.

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Trump himself insists daily that he did nothing wrong and the Democrats are just trying to drum him out of office. As the hearing proceeded, he spoke to reporters outside the White House. Reading from notes written with a black marker, Trump quoted Sondland quoting Trump to say the president wanted nothing from the Ukrainians and did not seek a quid pro quo.

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