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I wonder how this works with the new research claiming the universe is a hologram. I have a feeling we are still and long, long way from understanding reality. The heat death just takes longer. That is exactly right. We have to understand dark energy and dark matter at least a little, if not completely before one can make a theoretical prediction of what they do trillion years in the future. This is also the case for climate science. That is how we really understand the real universe and real physics and anything else for that matter.

Well Bill you really hit it right on the button. But the average was always some time in the past, so it is too late to react to it. So everything physically real happens right now; cause and effect are simultaneous, at least down to the shortest time scales we can currently measure maybe atto-seconds.

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Of course, the Michelson-Morley experiment disproved the existence of luminous ether, but the idea seems to live on. Ho, hum. Another theoretical, mathematical, sound-and-fury tour-de-force signifying…, er…, what??? It would be nice if the research funds allocated to such mental manipulations were allocated instead to solid, evidence-based science.

I believe Sir Roger Penrose had an idea like that. However, one has to be careful with black holes. What happens to them during a Big Rip, specifically, what happens to their entropy? For even a cyclic universe needs an efficient entropy sink, otherwise no arrow of time is possible. How about that BP. It is the Planckian black body notion that is the real BS. But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a roar , and the heavenly bodies will be burned up and dissolved, and the earth and the works that are done on it will be exposed.

Others will chose not to. Interestingly, the Greek word here for dissolved is the word luo, to loose.

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Implying that the uneducated Peter was predicting that the universe will end when the bonds that hold things together are dissolved. Serendipity with the above?

Pure luck? Or advance knowledge? The scientific method has been ripped from science, ending with men and women daydreaming while inferring images from the amorphous clouds floating above.

The continuity and uniformity is breathtaking as they construct unicorns and castles in the sky. There is an oxygen molecule just beyond your nose. You inhale, and it rushes into your nasal passages. Is it when it enters your bloodstream — or does it suffice to enter your airstream?


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We have problems with borders, edges and boundaries. We have problems with infinity, with imagining things universe, time with no end point — and yet, once we imagine a beginning or and end, we immediately wonder: what was before the beginning? The ancient Greek Parmenides proved, logically, that change is impossible, and no thinker since then has been able to refute him — and yet change is an everyday experience.

The trick is that the world of discourse — whether in words or mathematical symbols — is, and shall ever be, different from the world. Imagine if gravity actually decreased to zero at say ? The way I constructed this example formula, beyond that distance Q, the flipped repulsive force grows so dramatically with further distance that the universe would be accelerated apart at relativistic speeds not much further away than Q and therefore become unobservable to us.

Kind of like an inverted event horizon of a black hole. So it is nowhere and going nowhere, with zero acceleration, and zero rate of increase of acceleration etc…. So how the hell does it ever get to 0. Enquiring minds want to know.

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If so, some of the infinity problems of General Relativity go away…. This sounds like what happened after the Burrito Surprise I had at the local Tacqueria the other day. Ringermacher and L. Mead The Astronomical Journal This is defined as that number that can be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided into your answer to get the answer the professor wanted. Unfortunately usage of the VCF seldom got a passing grade in engineering school and we really had to get the equations right. Dark matter and dark energy were invented to correct for gross errors in the calculated mass of stars.

It seems that all of the laws of physics are in effect all of the time — not just those that the are assumed to have bearing on the problem at hand. Although the effect is small on earth, on a star, it is huge due to the high velocity of individual atoms at the nearly 30 million Kelvin core temperatures found in a typical star like our sun. Silly boys, still trying to come up with an answer to things so far beyond human capabilities and understanding. Your answer is in the 66 books of the Bible.

My personal heretical speculation is that the Big Bang will be found to have been a black hole exploding they have to get really enormous to do this — a significant fraction of the mass of the observable universe. Beyond our observable horizon is a universe teeming with enormous black holes embedded in galaxies.

Every so often one explodes, annihilating galaxies and creating a local universe. The stars formed early because there was debris everywhere. Nice one, Harry. A real ripper. My take on the expanding universe. Consider the start of the Universe — did it have rotational energy? If it expanded or inflated entirely evenly then maybe no. But if there were any areas of greater mass more galaxies then inevitably yes. So the universe is rotating in the 4th dimension probably, that gives an axis and so a linearity in the dimension of time.

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So particles must pop in and out of existence just beyond the universe — but without the spin. That stretches the edge of the universe — making an apparently expanding universe. As the player turns the plasticine stretches and so the universe measured by the length of the plasticine seems to expand. It agrees with the standard model about fundamental particles appearing wherever they have potential — even outside the universe. I really enjoyed the time I spent during the plasticine era. Whole lot of interesting things formed out of nothing in the plasticine era. So many basic questions to answer about space that it makes us look rather primitive.

Answering some of these questions could solve many, if not all, of our energy needs. Is it possible that this area of study might produce a bit of practical knowledge which may be useful to the human race within the next 10, or even 1, years? Sorry for the rant. I think I need another cup of coffee…. Most advances in fundamental science come from playful curiosity which are parlayed into practical applications later, sometimes a LOT later. Kepler was never tasked with figuring out how to get to the moon.

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Russell, at the very least this speculation produced the comedy, the Big Bang, ad that is worth something. A bunch of grad students are running math scenarios and hanging the fate of the universe on the results. Proof comes in about 22 billion years… maybe. Only they need to determine provable factors to validate their theory, now, in the present, not eventually.

Big bang; OK, a terrible name for an event mankind is not near clarifying. Still, it is a beginning.