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Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Return to Whittakerville. Jan 05, Martha Cheves rated it it was amazing.

Shirley A. Roe

Return to Whittakerville - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat "I lie here thinking of what could have happened to her with that lunatic. I wonder if Jebediah will ever leave us in peace? The man has been dead for twenty years but still he haunts me.

Now it is as if history is repeating itself, but it is not my brother Jebediah that married Martha Return to Whittakerville - Review by Martha A. Now it is as if history is repeating itself, but it is not my brother Jebediah that married Martha and disappeared, but his illegitimate son and Anna. If he is half the bastard that Jebediah was, Anna could be in great danger. I just feel so helpless.

Roe introduces us to the Whittaker family as they leave England, traveling across the ocean to end up in what will later be named Whittakerville, Wyoming. In Dreams and Nightmares, Martha and her three stepsons find a life that is filled with dreams of escaping Jeb Whittaker and nightmares that only a person as evil as he can bestow on his family. Louis where Martha and the boys have escaped to with the help of Jeb's brother Jeremy.

The boys have grown into three loving men that have taken charge of their lives. As the family gathers for Martha's 40th birthday, disaster strikes again in the form of a stranger who stalks the family. And in the final episode Return to Whittakerville, the disaster continues involving Martha and Jeremy's daughter Anna.

Anna has left the family to travel to Whittakerville with the stalker.

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Anna is a very spoiled 15 year old that has always had her way and will let nothing stop her from acquiring whatever she wants. Some members of the family believe she left with the stranger to save the family, while others believe she left for selfish reasons. Will life with this man provide her with the sources to make her happy or will her life be another nightmare in Whittakerville?

I have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 books that make up the Martha Whittaker Story.

I hated to see the family stories end but understand Roe will continue to write using the individual characters as the story source. Well Ms. Roe, I'm impatiently waiting. Feb 25, Emily-Jane Orford rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction. Martha Whittaker is quickly learning that sometimes granddaughters are much more enjoyable than daughters.

Shirley Roe

Her daughter, Anna, has run off with a mad Indian; but Anna writes to reassure the family that Red Fox, whom she now calls Jeb, is really quite the gentleman. After all, Anna is their beloved daughter and Jeb is a stranger who presented himself as being quite dangerous.

How could Anna run off with him the man who tried to kill Martha Whittaker is quickly learning that sometimes granddaughters are much more enjoyable than daughters. How could Anna run off with him the man who tried to kill her own father, who threatened the lives of other members of her family? How could Anna defend him and insist that he is no longer what he previously seemed to be?

It is Sissy who seems to have the tenderness to nurse her grandfather back to health; it is Sissy who is able to reach out to her grandmother in her deepest hours of sorrow; it is Sissy who understands that the deepest part of love is the simple act of forgiveness. Will the tragedy that follows break apart the Whittaker family? Or, will the sweet granddaughter be able to make them all see a reason to carry on.

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This book finishes the story of Martha Whittaker with the same passion, drama, and excitement as the award-winning first two books in the series, Of Dreams and Nightmares and The Whittaker Family Reunion. Return to Whittakerville is a dramatic story of family dynamics, particularly the dynamics that play between mother and daughter, grandmother and granddaughter.

Feb 26, Allbooks Review International rated it it was amazing. This is the third book in the series.

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You can get it in ebook from www. Excellent read for historical fiction and pioneer story lovers. Jen Ruland rated it really liked it Oct 06, Is life a predestined series of events, or is life what you make of it? Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to follow the path to happiness, life has other plans for you. Life can seem so unchanging in a small village. Some people can remain content with this their whole lives, while others thirst for change and want to broaden their horizons. Can true love overcome this need for change and keep you rooted? In Now My The Martha Whittaker Story is a historical romance taking the reader on a journey from the English aristocracy to the trials and tribulations of pioneer life.

Martha McGuire's arranged marriage to Jebediah Whittaker turns her life into her worst nigh Snow Eagle, Shaman of the Tlingit is well respected by the people of the north. As member of the Elder Council and Shaman he is responsible not only for the safety and welfare of his people but for securing their future. South East Alaska and norther Martha and Jeremy Whittaker are worried about the fate of the their daughter Anna.

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Was she kidnapped or did she go willingly with the man that stabbed Jeremy? Is she in danger? The Whittaker family is again faced with turmoil and tragedy as they try