Treating Post-Trauma Nightmares: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach

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Davis JL. Treating post-trauma nightmares: a cognitive behavioral approach. New York: Springer Publishing Co; Characteristics of chronic nightmares in a trauma-exposed treatment-seeking sample. Case series utilizing exposure, relaxation, and rescripting therapy: impact on nightmares, sleep quality, and psychological distress. Behav Sleep Med. Randomized clinical trial for treatment of chronic nightmares in trauma-exposed adults.

Physiological predictors of response to exposure, relaxation, and rescripting therapy for chronic nightmares in a randomized clinical trial. Desjardins S, Germain A. In: Guay S, Marchand A, editors. Behavioral insomnia therapy for fibromyalgia patients: a randomized clinical trial. Arch Intern Med. Cognitive behavioral therapy for patients with primary insomnia or insomnia associated predominantly with mixed psychiatric disorders: a randomized clinical trial.

Treatment of combat-related nightmares using imagery rehearsal: a pilot study. Imagery rehearsal in the treatment of posttraumatic nightmares in Australian veterans with chronic combat-related PTSD: month follow-up data. Does cognitive-behavioral therapy for PTSD improve perceived health and sleep impairment? Treatment of nightmares in the context of posttraumatic stress disorder.

J Clin Psychol. Cognitive behavioral treatment for insomnia in veterans with long-standing posttraumatic stress disorder: a pilot study. J Aggress Maltreat Trauma.

Dr. Patricia Resick on Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD

CrossRef Google Scholar. Germain A, Nielsen T. Impact of imagery rehearsal treatment on distressing dreams, psychological distress, and sleep parameters in nightmare patients. Increased mastery elements associated with imagery rehearsal treatment for nightmares in sexual assault survivors with PTSD. Effects of a brief behavioral treatment for late-life insomnia: preliminary findings. Behav Res Ther.

Sleep-specific mechanisms underlying posttraumatic stress disorder: integrative review and neurobiological hypotheses. Sleep Med Rev. Placebo-controlled comparison of prazosin and cognitive-behavioral treatments for sleep disturbances in US Military Veterans. A critical review of the evidence base of imagery rehearsal for posttraumatic nightmares: pointing the way for future research. The relationship between acute stress disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder: a prospective evaluation of motor vehicle accident survivors.

Health Psychol. Effects of early nightmares on the development of sleep disturbances in motor vehicle accident victims. Rehearsal in the treatment of recurring nightmares in posttraumatic stress disorders and panic disorder: case histories. Ann Clin Psychiatry. Sleep complaints as early predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder: a 1-year prospective study of injured survivors of motor vehicle accidents.

Am J Psychiatry. A controlled study of imagery rehearsal for chronic nightmares in sexual assault survivors with PTSD: a preliminary report. Imagery rehearsal therapy for chronic nightmares in sexual assault survivors with posttraumatic stress disorder: a randomized controlled trial. Treatment of chronic nightmares in adjudicated adolescent girls in a residential facility. J Adolesc Health.

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An open-label trial of evidence-based cognitive behavior therapy for nightmares and insomnia in crime victims with PTSD. Sleep Med.

Psychological treatment of secondary insomnia. Psychol Aging. Imagery rehearsal therapy for posttraumatic nightmares in U. Sleep disturbances in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder: epidemiology, impact and approaches to management. CNS Drugs.

Treating Post Trauma Nightmares A Cognitive Behavioral Approach

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia enhances depression outcome in patients with comorbid major depressive disorder and insomnia. Marks I. Rehearsal relief of a nightmare. Br J Psychiatry. Dreams in the acute aftermath of trauma and their relationship to PTSD. Mimeault V, Morin CM. Self-help treatment for insomnia: bibliotherapy with and without professional guidance.

Montgomery P, Dennis JA. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Moore BA, Krakow B. Imagery rehearsal therapy for acute posttraumatic nightmares among combat soldiers in Iraq. Morin CM. Psychological assessment and management. New York: The Guilford Press; Pediatric Nursing. Professional Issues and Trends. Psychiatric Nursing. Research, Theory, and Measurement. Undergraduate Nursing.

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Treating Post Trauma Nightmares A Cognitive Behavioral Approach 2008

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    Treating Post-Trauma Nightmares: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach

    Double click on above image to view full picture. Read a Sample Chapter. Related Specialties Counseling Psychology. Treating Post-Trauma Nightmares. Author: Joanne L.

    New research provides hope for veterans dealing with nightmares due to trauma.

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