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Common ways to advance are through increasing certifications to perform more complicated work—starting as a level 1 technician doing maintenance work and advancing eventually to become a level 4 master technician certified to service virtually all systems in the vehicle. On a separate career track, some technicians transition to the customer service side and become service-writers, working with customers to identify their needs and schedule service and maintenance.

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Still others progress into management, some moving into the parts department of a dealership, others managing entire service operations. Service operations at some dealerships can involve managing dozens of technicians and hundreds of service and maintenance orders each day.

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Still others become owners of local dealerships. Achieving the highest level of technical expertise is a process; there are no shortcuts.

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But while formal training programs can be important, on-the-job experience and a general mechanical interest and ability are critical. Computer skills are increasingly valuable as well.

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A good place to start is an entry-level position in the service department or body shop of an auto or truck dealership or an auction, even without any training. The dealership will often oversee and pay for your training and certification on the vehicle brands they sell and service.

Many manufacturers have their own training programs and criteria, available only to dealership-sponsored students. While some organizations—most notably ASE, or the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence—have established testing and certification procedures, there is no industry-wide standard.

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The same is true for recognized levels of skill and knowledge. In many shops, techs must supply their own tools although, increasingly, some dealerships provide some tools as incentives to recruit and retain talented technicians. Customer Reviews "David said that he was comfortable with their communication. He said he wants the staff to keep up the They were able to fit him in to the schedule It all adds up to a good experience.

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